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Movement is in my DNA


It's true.  Without movement I do not know myself. Through movement, I return to my truest Self.  


Whether it is dance, yoga, acrobatics, bike riding, expression of Self thru physicality is at the root of my being.  My mother, a dancer and actor, was my first and one of my most influential teachers.  I am lucky to have had many inspirational teachers in my formative years, but she instilled in me a passion for sharing and experiencing the joy of movement with persons of all abilities, backgrounds, cultures.


Creating a space where all bodies feel welcome and seen is of utmost importance to me. The challenge of finding what each student needs to reach their potential is one of my greatest joys.  As a student, I continue to learn from each one of you and relish in pushing my own potential.


The student in me bows to the teacher in you.


I look forward to moving with you.



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